MME M.Eng. Industrial Internship

MME Graduate Intership  

The M.Eng. Industrial Internship program is the relatively NEW option open to our master's coursework students - domestic and international.  Interested students register with Career Services in the Fall when they commence the program. Students attend preparatory workshops during September - December (resume & cover letters, and interview workshops).

 M.Eng. students must achieve a 75% average on 3 graduate courses taken during Fall term to be eligible to compete for an internship opportunity. The internship positions are shared on line for the students so they can decide which ones they want to apply for.  As well, during Fall term, International students apply to CIC for a co-op/internship work permit.  They do this so that if they compete for, and are successful in gaining a position, they will have started the process of securing a visa ahead of time.

The value of the paid internship is approx. $10,000, but can vary.  During Winter term, students attend interviews with prospective employers and continue to take graduate courses towards completion of their degree.  Later in the Winter term, perhaps as late as April, M.Eng. students find out whether they have succeeded in securing an internship. If they have been successful, they are registered in the internship course (MECH 895) for Summer term, May - August.  

Registration status for successful students will be "part-time".  Part-time tuition fees will be charged for the 4-month (May-August/Summer term) period.

NOTE: Students who register to take part in the internship program are not guaranteed a position.  Graduate student status is generally "full-time" and under the policies of the School of Graduate Studies, graduate students must remain continually enrolled from the time they commence their program until they complete the degree.  

Students who are not admitted to the Internship program will still have gained useful "transferrable skills" from the Career Services workshops.  These students will require courses to complete their degree program.  There are courses available during Summer term - either in other departments or in MME.  Some students may choose to do a MECH 898 project during this time, under the guidance of a professor.  The project course and the internship course are both worth 3.0 units (1 credit) - the same as any other course in the Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department. 

For a sample list of MECH 898 projects, click HERE.  pending an update