Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Bradley J. Diak, Ph.D., P. Eng.

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Associate Professor

Room: 328C, Nicol Hall
Tel: (613) 533-3180
Fax: (613) 533-6610
Email: brad.diak@queensu.ca

Research Interests

  • Microstructural Phenomena in Metals and Alloys
  • Materials for Transportation Applications
  • X-ray/Electron Scattering Techniques
  • Metal Physics

Current Projects

  • Structural and Mechanical Behaviour of Dissimilar FSW Al Alloy Joints
  • NSERC - Deformation Response of Oriented Crystalline Aggregates: Experiment and Theory
  • Size Effects and Time Scaling

Past Projects

  • AUTO21- Tailor-Welded-Blank Based Mg Alloy Manufacturing for Structural Automotive Parts (P.I.)
  • High Temperature Bond Coatings
  • The Role of Interface Region on Texture Development in Clad Aluminum Sheet Products - Novelis/NSERC CRD
  • Micro-indentation studies of the local ductility of Zr-2.5Nb CANDU pressure tubes - NSERC
  • Wrought Magnesium for Automobiles - AUTO21
  • Temperature Dependence of the Rate Sensitivity of Wrought Mg Alloys - CAMM
  • Formability Enhancement In Light Weight Structural Materials - NSERC
  • CFI - Facility to Prototype Designer Crystalline Materials with Preferred Shape and Orientation

Positions Available

  • Ph.D. Student, Origin of surface patterning and instabilities in crystalline solids (Spring 2017 start)
  • MA.Sc. Student, Yield and Failure in Brass Alloys (Fall 2017 start - joint with RMC, subject to funding availability)
  • Summer Research Student 2017