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The Robotics Laboratory operates under the direction of Professor Leila Notash. The objective and current research interest is the investigation and development of high performance manipulators allowing effective and failure safe implementation of the devices. Practical and effective analysis and solution methods for the performance improvement of novel robotic systems are being developed.


The main focus of the Robotics Lab is on the design, kinematics, force and stiffness analysis of parallel manipulators. Due to the higher stiffness and accuracy of parallel devices, they have numerous applications such as flight simulators, position devices and machining tools. With the increased application of parallel manipulators, the need for optimum, robust, low mass, and low cost manipulators with relatively large workspace increases. Parallel manipulators, particularly wire/cable-actuated parallel manipulators, through appropriate design and control, could be excellent candidates to fulfill these requirements. Areas being researched include manipulator fault tolerance and failure recovery, calibration, kinematic and wrench closure workspace, compliance, distribution of joints and actuators, modularity, mechanism design, architectures, redundancy and control for different applications. Additionally, an on-line library of the existing parallel devices is being developed. Click here for more research information.


FANUC F-200i Parallel Robot
Wire-Actuated Parallel Robot
Tracking System


Wire-Actuated Robot

Current Members

Mr. Andrew Horne

Mr. Vahid Nazari

Previous Members/Visitors

Dr. Chunjian Hua, Visiting Professor

Dr. Chuwang Cheng, PDF

Graduate Students

Mr. Derek McColl (NSERC Summer Student, 2007)

Ms. Vicky Lee (NSERC Summer Student, 2006)

Mr. Matthieu Doudement (from ESIGELEC Mont Saint

Aignan, Summer 2003)
Mr. Frederic Renkens (from ETH Lausanne, Summer 2002)
Ms. Susanne Thüringer (from TU Graz, Summer 2002)
Mr. Geoff Mroz (Summer 2001)
Mr. Michael Bucher (from ETH Zurich,Summer 2001)
Ms. Joanna Jackson (NSERC Summer Student, 2000)
Mr. Jason Lemay (August 1999)

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The financial support for the projects of Robotics Lab has been provided by
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)
Schlumberger Foundation
Materials and Manufacturing Ontario (MMO)
MD Robotics Ltd.
DIPIX Technologies Inc.
PRECARN Incorporated
Queen's University