Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Brian W. Surgenor, P.Eng

Intelligent Automation Laboratory.

The Intelligent Automation Laboratory (IAL) operates under the direction of Brian W. Surgenor. The basic research interest has been on the control of pneumatic servosystems. However, exposure to industrially based automation problems led to an applied research interest in the development of intelligent algorithms for machine vision systems as applied to inspection in manufacturing processes. 

A mechatronic systems design approach is taken, given that projects undertaken by the IAL require expertise in the disciplines of computing, electrical and mechanical engineering.


Recent Publications (selected)

Surgenor, B.W., Mohan, C. and Nazari, V. (2016) “Tracking with a Fuzzy Logic Controller as Applied to a Pneumatic Robot for Polishing”, Proc. ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conf., Minneapolis, Oct. 12 to 14.

Joshi, K.D., Chauhan, V.D. and Surgenor, B.W. (2016) “Real Time Recognition and Counting of Indian Coins using Machine Vision: A Preliminary Analysis”, Proc. Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering Int. Congress, Kelowna, June 26 to 29.

Chauhan, V. and Surgenor, B.W.(2015). “A Comparative Study of Machine Vision Based Methods for Fault Detection in an Automated Assembly Machine”, Procedia Manufacturing (43rd Proc. North American Manufacturing Research Institution of SME), Vol. 1, pp.  416-428.

Fernando, H. and Surgenor, B.W. (2015) "An Unsupervised Artificial Neural Network Versus a Rule-Based Approach for Fault Detection and Identification in an Automated Assembly Machine", Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing, http://dx.doi:10.1016/j.rcim.2015.11.006.

Fernando, J., Lounsbury, C. and Surgenor, B.W. (2014) “Integrating RFID Technology into a Course in Mechatronics”, Proc. Int. Conf. on Engineering Education and Research, (iCEER 2014) Hamilton, Ont., Aug. 24 to 26.

Hughes, K., Fernando, H., Szkilnyk, G., Surgenor, B.W. and Greenspan M. (2014) "Video Event Detection for Fault Monitoring in Assembly Automation", Int. Journal Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications, Vol. 13, Nos. 1/2, pp. 103-116.