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1. The Historic Kingston Water Works' Intake Pipe
2. Panoramic Maps in Victorian Times
3. Osborne-Killey Steam Engine, a Museum Show Piece
4. The Kingston Water Works when Coal was King
5. Ospreys of the Aragon
6. Ospreys on Colonel by Lake; An Update - Published in the Blue Bill, a magazine from the Local Field Naturalist 

7. When Coal was King - Presented at the November 21, 2012 meeting of the Kingston Historical Society

 The slide series contains many historical photos of Kingston, including aerial photogarphy by Billy Bishop dated 1920. The research links the evolution of anthracite mining in the Lehigh Valley at Mauch Chunk, with the building of the canals and later rail roads to Oswego and Rochster and the coal trade with Kingston, Ontario. The role of the Kingston Water Works in Victorian civil society is highlighted to illustrate the importance of the US coal exports for the City of Kingston in the late 1800s.

8. Kingston Pump House Steam Museum: A Social History
9. Kingston Pump House Steam Museum: A Tercentenial Project Shrouded in Mystery
10. Kingston Pump House Steam Museum: A Social History, Part 2: 1992 - Current
11. Building a Tower; The Kingston Water Works
12. The History of Q'Straint
13. Going East - A Historical Novella