Master of Applied Science (MASc)

The MASc program is a research based program that provides advanced knowledge and practice in a chosen area of specialization, developing the skills for conducting research in this area. The minimum requirements are four term length courses or their equivalent plus a thesis satisfactorily defended.  This is typically a two (2) year program.

For all three graduate-level programs, once a student is admitted, they must maintain their registration for each term and pay tuition until completion of the degree.  This is applicable whether the student is enrolled in a course during the term or not.

Students who apply to any of our programs - MEng (UNENE also), PhD or MASc on-line can upload their documents to the Graduate School.  This allows the dept to REVIEW  your qualifications and suitability for admission.

For a file to be complete, IF admission is offered, original documentation MUST be sent to the Graduate School - (sent directly from the previous school the candidate attended):

School of Graduate Studies
Gordon Hall, room #425
74 Union Street
Kingston, Ontario CANADA  K7L 3N6

Academic Prerequisites

MASc: An honours Bachelors degree in Applied Science or Engineering with a B (73-76.9% or GPA 3.0)    MEng: A Bachelors degree in Applied Science or Engineering with a B- (70 - 72.9% or 2.7 GPA)

PhD: Master’s degree in Applied Science or Engineering

Test Requirements

If required a TOEFL score of 550 (paper based) or TOEFL iBT minimum scores of: writing (24/30); speaking (22/30); reading (22/30); listening (20/30), for a total of 88/120. OR IELTS minimum score of 7.0

Financial Support

Graduate students admitted to a Master's or Ph.D. research program are provided financial support in the form of a teaching and research assistantship and/or Queen's Graduate Award. Scholarships and Fellowships are also available to eligible students through NSERC, Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS) and the School of Graduate Studies. 

Basic Funding Package (teaching assistantship [TA] and internal fellowships, bursaries):

MASc - minimum annual funding (being revised) per year

We encourage you to apply for additional funding through external scholarships (NSERC, OGS, etc.). Entering graduate students who win federal government tri-council awards are automatically provided a $5,000 (Masters) or $7,500 (PhD) award by Queen’s.