Mark Daymond, Professor, P. Eng.

Curriculum Vitae | Publications | Nuclear Materials Research

NSERC-UNENE Industrial Research Chair in Nuclear Materials

Canada Research Chair in Mechanics of Materials

Dept. of Mechanical and Materials Engineering,

Nicol Hall, 60 Union Street,

Kingston, K7L 3N6,

Ontario, Canada

Tel: (613) 533 2193
Fax: (613) 533 6610

email: daymond[at]

Research Interests:

  • Micromechanisms of deformation in metals, ceramics and composites; slip, twinning, phase transformation, cracking. Both experimental and modelling.
  • Development and application of advanced neutron and x-ray scattering techniques in materials research, optimisation of diffraction optics, data analysis and statistical treatments. Both experimental and modelling.
  • Nuclear materials

See also the pages for the Nuclear Materials Research Chair and the Research group.


  • Accelerator laboratory: 4MV tandem producing 8MeV H or 12MeV He; for damage or implantation studies
  • Microscope laboratory: FEI Osiris FEG-TEM (STEM, EDS, EELS, in situ heating & straining), FEI FEG-Nova NanoSem (EBSD, EDX, in situ heating and straining)
  • Mechanical testing laboratory (quasi-static; creep; fracture and fatigue; delayed hydride cracking, nano-indent; micro-indent)
  • X-ray laboratory (Xradia micro-CT; texture; diffraction)

See also the pages for Reactor Materials Testing Laboratory.


I am looking for enthusiastic and talented Graduate students (MSc (Canadian) and PhD (Canadian or international)) in the areas of

  • phase field modelling (with Nik Provatas, McGill) - NEW

  • experimental studies on nuclear materials, especially ion irradiation.

  • There may also be opportunities in:  (thermo)mechanical testing; thermomechanical processing; materials modelling; solid mechanics; finite element modelling; materials characterisation; electron microscopy

Students with a background in materials engineering, materials science or physics would be ideal, but get in touch if you are interested.

I also have opportunities for undergraduate summer placements, or thesis projects.

Courses and other teaching:

Presently offered

Previously offered

  • MECH 371. Fracture, dislocations and fatigue.
  • MECH 476. Polymers and Composites (with Prof. Diak)
  • MECH 479. Nanostructured materials
  • AppSci 100.. Project supervisor