Leila Notash, PhD, PEng, FEC



Room 320 McLaughlin Hall
Phone: (613) 533-6778
FAX: (613) 533-6489
Email: leila.notash@queensu.ca

Areas of Research

  • Robotics
  • Parallel Manipulators
  • Failure Recovery and Fault Tolerant Operation

Current research interest is the investigation and development of serial, parallel and wire-actuated manipulator designs; kinematic, stiffness and force solutions; and calibration methodologies allowing effective and failure safe implementation of the devices; and robotics. Specifically, studying the failure safe operation of parallel manipulators; consideration of potential use of redundancy in the design of parallel manipulators; development of techniques and solutions for the sensor and actuator fault detection and for the fault tolerant design and operation of parallel manipulators; and investigation of device geometric uncertainties and its calibration.




Design Basics


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