Roshni Rainbow

Assistant Professor

Roshni Rainbow headshot

McLaughlin Hall, Rm 303

Kingston, ON K7L3N6


Phone: 613 533 6000 x 74840
Twitter:  @roshni_rainbow

Research Interests

The Regenerative Engineering Laboratory investigates the developmental processes by which biological tissues take shape as they mature towards their functioning adult form.  Our paradigm integrates stem cell biology, mechanotransduction, and biomaterials with a translational goal of developing regenerative cell-based therapies.


Fall 2019

  • MECH 478 - Biomaterials

Winter 2020

  • MECH 394 - Frontiers in Biomechanical Engineering
  • APSC 200 - Engineering Design and Practice II
  • MECH 228 - Kinematics and Dynamics