Rick Sellens, Ph.D, P.Eng

Rick Sellens

Associate Professor

B.A.Sc, University of Waterloo, 1981
M.A.Sc, University of Waterloo, 1985
Ph.D, University of Waterloo, 1987

McLaughlin Hall, Room 209
(613) 533-6760


Teaching Activities

In recent years I have taught these courses:

  • MECH 217 Measurement for Mechatronics
  • MECH 241 Fluid Mechanics
  • MECH 492 Biofluids
  • MECH 846 Laminar and Inviscid Flow
  • MECH 848 Measurement Systems I

You can find details in the calendar and the course pages of onQ. I was an early adopter of on-line materials for course presentation and this page has been on our site since at least January 1996. It is still here despite the general migration to LMS presentation because it tops the search results for "Losses in Piping"

Research Interests

  • Biomechanics
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Optical Measurement Techniques

In the Human Mobility Research Centre (HMRC) I am working with other researchers on projects related to image guided surgery, bone quality assessment, and wrist kinematics.