Xian Wang

Assistant Professor


McLaughlin Hall

Kingston, ON K7L3N6


Phone: 613 533 6000 x TBD

Research Interests

  • Medical Robotics for Tumor Treatment
  • Micro/Nano Robots driven by External Field
  • Instrumentation for Micromanipulation
  • Cell Mechanics Modeling and Measurement


Dr. Wang received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Toronto in Mechanical Engineering, with a collaborative specialization in Biomedical Engineering. During his Ph.D. study, he developed micro/nano robotic platform technologies to study the mechanical properties of the cell. The multi-pole magnetic tweezer devices he developed was applied for intracellular mechanical measurement and biochemical sensing. From 2020 to 2023, he worked as a research fellow at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. He has explored using external-controlled microrobots to cause mechanical ablation of brain tumors. 


We always wish to hear from talented candidates who are interested in joining our interdisciplinary team. The priority of our lab is to realize the best potential and to foster career development for every member.

With the mission to develop robotic technologies addressing medical needs, we welcome candidates for undergrad research projects, Master's, and Ph.D. program to apply to be part of the team. Please email xian.wang@queensu.ca if interested. 

Select Publications


Wang, X., Gong, Z., Wang, T., Law, J., Chen, X., Wanggou, S., Wang, J., Ying, B., Francisco, M., Dong, W., Xiong, Y., Fan, J., MacLeod, G., Angers, S., Li, X., Dirks, P., Liu, X., Huang, X., and Sun, Y., 2023. Mechanical nanosurgery of chemoresistant glioblastoma using magnetically controlled carbon nanotubes. Science Advances, Vol. 9, article number: eade532. J1.pdf

Law, J.*, Wang, X.*, Luo, M., Xin, L., Du, X., Dou, W., Wang, T., Shan, G., Wang, Y., Song, P. and Huang, X., 2022. Microrobotic swarms for selective embolization. Science Advances8(29), p.eabm5752. (* These authors contributed equally to this paper). J2.pdf

Wang, X., Wang, T., Chen, X., Law, J., Shan, G., Tang, W., Gong, Z., Pan, P., Liu, X., Yu, J. and Ru, C., 2022. Microrobotic swarms for intracellular measurement with enhanced signal-to-noise ratio. ACS Nano16(7), pp.10824-10839. J3.pdf

Wang, X., Ho, C., Tsatskis, Y., Law, J., Zhang, Z., Zhu, M., Dai, C., Wang, F., Tan, M., Hopyan, S., McNeill, H., and Sun, Y., 2019. Intracellular manipulation and measurement with multipole magnetic tweezers. Science Robotics4(28), p.eaav6180. J4.pdf

Wang, X., Luo, M., Wu, H., Zhang, Z., Liu, J., Xu, Z., Johnson, W. and Sun, Y., 2017. A three-dimensional magnetic tweezer system for intraembryonic navigation and measurement. IEEE Transactions on Robotics34(1), pp.240-247.J5.pdf 


Untethered Small-scale Robots for Biomedical Applications, S.L. Zhang, X. Wang, and H.J. Lu, ELSEVIER, 2023.

Field-Driven Micro-Nano Robots, Yu Sun, X. Wang, and J.F. Yu, Springer-New York, 2021.

Complete publication list: https://scholar.google.ca/citations?user=O9X8qIgAAAAJ&hl=en


Symposium: Micromanipulation and Biosensing: Emerging Technologies and Applications Aug. 22nd 2023

The symposium will be held over one day to network Engineers who work on micromanipulation and biosensing across Ontario. This event will provide a unique networking experience for researchers across Ontario. This fully open event will facilitate interaction between researchers in this region, thus providing critical networking to young scientists (graduate students and postdoctoral fellows)