Henk Wevers

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Henk Wevers - Emeritus Professor 1996 

"An Engineer Finding His Niche"

Email: weversh@queensu.ca

Queen's University Activities

  • Co-Inventor of a wheelchair restraint system for securement of wheelchairs in vans and buses. This system is licensed to Q'STRAINT by Queen's University and is sold worldwide.
  • Recent academic activities: Co-supervisor with Dr. Dumas, Professor Mechanical and Materials Engineering, on a senior project for fourth year students designing and manufacturing an electric drive mechanism to animate the large steam engine in the Pump House Steam Museum at Kingston.


Interests - Youth Education and Industrial History

  • Member of the City of Kingston Appeals Committee (February 3 - November 30, 2015)
  • Researches engineering history and Kingston's industrial history in particular, see "Papers and monographs".
  • Retired in 2014 after sixteen years of volunteering at the Pump House Steam Museum. Information about the museum, formerly the Kingston Water Works, can be found at http://magicofsteam.wordpress.com where there are several interesting historic and contemporary photos about the water works, as well as papers and stories describing the history of this mid-1800 company and later public utility.
  • Project Manager for the restoration of the historic steam launch Phoebe with a team of volunteers from 1998 - 2003.
  • In 2002, designed and built the Gordon C. Leitch Discovery Centre at the Pump House Steam Museum with a group of volunteers. The Discovery Centre fulfilled an important role in educating grade 1-6 students in engineering principles as contained in the Ontario Curriculum for Science and Technology.  The hands-on experiments were updated with other educational materials in 2012.
  • Retired in 2014 after 9 years as a volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club Kingston teaching science and technology to children from nine to twelve years of age. Hands-on projects such as birdhouses, tool boxes, kaleidoscopes, fast-spinning tops, race cars and launchers, motivate the children. While the science is basic the hands-on work provides each child with a long lasting object of great pride. The projects might motivate the developing child to consider science and technology as fascinating areas of our civil society. See http://bgsctechclub.wordpress.com/
  • Designed and authored a website on the history of the Aragon Road, a forced road dating from the late 1800's.  The documentation was released online in 2014 and the site aims to make this a designated road of cultural value under the Ontario Heritage Act.  The website can be accessed at http://aragonroadhistroy.wordpress.com