Gaby Ciccarelli, Ph.D.

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Professor Ciccarelli

Room 322 McLaughlin Hall
Phone: (613) 533-2586
FAX: (613) 533-6489

Areas of Research

Research interests include the study of fundamental and practical aspects of various gaseous explosion and high-speed combustion phenomena. Examples of such phenomenon include turbulent flame propagation, flame acceleration, detonation waves, gasdynamics, and shock waves. Many of these phenomenon have direct application to industrial explosion safety, aircraft propulsion, and other practical devices. The experimental research is carried out in the Explosion Physics and Prevention Laboratory located in room 109 of McLaughlin Hall. The laboratory will be equipped with a detonation tube and high-speed data acquisition and computer control systems.

Current Projects:

  • Detonability of liquid fuels in air at elevated initial temperature
  • Dispersion of micro sized metal particles by the passage of a shock wave
  • Syngas fueled compression ignition engine with diesel pilot injection


  • RAPTOR winner of the 2000 Discover Magazine's Award for Technical Innovation!


  • MECH 230 Thermodynamics
  • MECH 435 Applied Combustion
  • MECH 832 Combustion Dynamics