Information & Advice

Welcome to the Information and Advice page. Here you can find answers to many questions you may have about your academic plan and process.  To make these answers easier for you to access we have organized the information into sections that you see on the side navigation, including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Please check to make sure your question is not in the list before emailing an advisor. For all other inquiries the Faculty contacts can be found on the Student Support Contacts page. 

Program Summary Sheets

We have prepared fillable Program Summary sheets based on your graduation year to help you keep track of your courses.  The current Academic Advising tool in SOLUS sometimes has a hard time recognizing the details of our program and can be incorrect.  Please use these summary sheets to track your status. Always ensure it is up-to-date when discussing your program with one of the program assistants.  (Updated July 13, 2022)

  Class of 2022  

  Class of 2023  

  Class of 2024  

  Class of 2025  

If you have specific questions, book an appointment with a Program Assistant.  


*Note: Always assume Solus TT to be correct if discrepancies are found or are clearly indicated on your course OnQ page

Other Help & Support

As Student Advisors, we are happy to provide you with assistance and advice; however, please note that each student is personally responsible for meeting the graduation requirements of his/her own program.